Creme Creme


Julieta Luján

Executive Producer

(786) 357-6548


  • As a full service production company, from script to screen, we manage productions for commercials, television, digital and films. We have presence in Miami and Mexico.
  • We handle all logistics for productions, ranging from location scouts to permitting, crew hire, talent casting and management, Director/Director of Photography, equipment rental, post production, including lodging and travel.


  • We conceptualize, create, produce and distribute advertising strategies based on CONTENT, that will help build relationships with prospects & current customers
  • We offer customized solutions that enables advertisers to precisely target and reach QUALITY audiences; We understand the complexities of connecting with influencers at every point of the sales process, no matter what that process looks like for you.


  • Increase your content’s value and reach your audience by promoting it where potential customers are already engaged
  • Grow your audience with sponsored content via thousands of premier publishing web sites
  • Drive high-quality traffic directly to where your stories live


  • Easily create content that is optimized and visually appealing
  • Pull all elements of your story into one place, and we’ll take care of layout
  • Elevate your message by categorizing content and creating a social pitch